Leveraging The Entrepreneurs' Programme 

VentureCast has a track record of supporting businesses with their applications to a number of the funding offerings provided through The Entrepreneurs Programme, an Australian Government initiative that supports business growth and increased productivity, leading to job growth and other economic benefits.

A primary component of any application for funding from programmes such as this is a strong understanding of the future opportunity that a business is working toward achieving. This can be effectively achieved with the development of a robust business plan and financial forecast, taking into account critical factors such as business operations, cost of sales and growth outside of the territories that a business is well versed in.

With its standardised and easy to understand reporting offering, VentureCast has been well placed to simplify the creation of this vital supporting documentation when it comes to applying for major grants such as Accelerating Commercialisation.

If your business is considering an application for any government support consider a proven solution and access a free first month by using the code VTCINTRO at checkout.

Choose the right edition for you and simply subscribe here from just $50 per month.

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