A new support platform has just been launched for Australian businesses and organisations. . . .  

The COVID-19 Expert Support Program is available now from corionavirusbusinesshelp.org

Australia’s top accountants, financial planners & strategists, tax and finance lawyers, business consultants, health professionals and industry experts. share advanced strategies and advice to optimise your business during the Coronavirus period. The key highlights of this platform include; 

  • Advanced plans and documents available to help you better manage workflow, employee retention and profitability
  • Video learning material that breaks down the Australian Stimulus Packages and how you can maximise your benefit
  • Access to a subscriber only audio podcast feed to stay up to date with recent business related opportunities
  • Join a peer-to-peer support group where you can ask questions, share stories and help one another
The VentureCast team have been asked to contribute to the video content on this platform and make our practical business planning tools available to as many businesses and organisations as possible across Australia. 

The team behind VentureCast is Perth-based boutique consultancy Illumium. Details are available at www.illumium.com.au

Stay safe and check out this new platform. If you require assistance for your business using the VentureCast tools, please get in touch.

Choose the right edition for you and simply subscribe here from just $50 per month.

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