VentureCast continues to be utilised for WA based SME Businesses that are already on, or considering applying for, the Federal Government 'Entrepreneur Programme'.

The Entrepreneurs' Programme provides access to a national network of experienced 'EP' facilitators. The facilitators in WA recognise the value that VentureCast brings to SME businesses - through the advisory work of Illumium Pty Ltd

The facilitators work with businesses to improve their business practices, become more competitive, and take advantage of growth opportunities.
With a Growth Roadmap you’ll get access to a skilled facilitator who will:

  • come to your business premises to gather information
  • analyse your business using industry knowledge and diagnostic tools
  • do further research and analysis away from your business
  • prepare a tailored roadmap to increase your ability to trade in Australia and/or other markets
  • coach and mentor you for up to 1 year
With their support you can:

  1. build skills for your business
  2. find opportunities for growth
  3. ensure you’re able to continue improving your business after the service ends
  4. help you action the recommendations from your roadmap
  5. connect with other organisations for help
  6. Once you’ve received your Growth Roadmap, you may be eligible for a Growth Grant. This grant will help you fund the recommendations in your roadmap.
We're delighted that our cloud based tools are being used by a number of businesses to either prepare an application for the Entrepreneur Programme or as an integral part of their growth programme. We've helped several business to successfully apply for match funding in order to undertake important business growth support. For more details, please get in touch with us via the Contact Us page.

Choose the right edition for you and simply subscribe here from just $50 per month.

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