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Entrepreneurs, business owners and organisations can all benefit from VentureCast.

As an individual entrepreneur or business owner you can drive your business's success by taking control of your business/growth/sustainability strategy. The VentureCast tools simplify the way you can build a strong business model that demonstrates that you can trade profitably, and/or diversify your business, and/or change its business model to adapt to trading conditions and market competition. Financial forecasting and business planning through VentureCast is a business process, rather than an accounting process. This means better support for growth, sustainability, feasibility exercises, funding applications, business cases, future or exit plans and more.

If you've reached here via the platform CORONAVIRUSBUSINESSSHELP.ORG - welcome. We hoped you've taken a look at some of the video content that we've added onto this platform and found all of the contributors' support helpful in some way. We've also added a Blog to this website with more information. VentureCast is operated by Illumium, a consulting business based in Perth, WA. Details can be found at 

More Information For Individuals

Organisations advising businesses can use VentureCast to better support clients, instead of spending hours building complex spreadsheets and documents. VentureCast enables smart, cloud based collaborative working between advisors, mentors and clients. By adopting the VentureCast tools your clients will be able to drive their own business growth and achieve success, whilst benefiting from your expert advice.

More Information For Organisations

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