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Venture Hothouse is a software development company with established roots in UK Business Consultancy.

Notably, one of the founding Directors, the late Dr Tony Marchington, spent decades raising funding for early stage ventures. Marchington’s reputation and track record in this area was exceptional (including successfully raising funds where others had previously failed). Through his experience and methodology, Tony gave entrepreneurs the best possible chance of successfully raising investment capital.

Venture Hothouse worked over a three year period identifying and solving the primary reasons why businesses failed to raise funds.
This work has been encapsulated into an easy-to-use cloud software application, that produces funding and investor-ready documentation, from the most simple and minimal data entry possible, making it easy for entrepreneurs and businesses to raise funds by introducing simplicity, standardisation and clarity into the process.

In addition, the product addresses three issues:

  • Business plans are expensive - they are expensive to produce if produced professionally and often fall short of satisfactory quality thresholds if they are not produced by ‘investment experts’
  • Lack of standard formats - there is no standard format of business plan which is recognised by any industry, resulting in both production and evaluation being cumbersome and inconsistent. 
  • Lack of central funding source - there are limited ways to combine methods of funding from a number of sources. Standardised outputs enable a simple assessment platform to be developed.

Having evaluated the tools, the British Venture Capital Association and the UK Government (Dept for Business Innovation and Skills and the U.K.T.I.), support the work of Venture Hothouse in recognizing the benefits that the Tools bring to the business funding and investment process.

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